Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Wildism

Why not change your readings from crime to wildism this Easter? I just got a good reading list and some info on the progress of wildism from my friend John Jacobi. Very interesting is their proposal to start a new radical conservationist party in the US.

The main reading is a brand new essay from Jacobi:

The Question of Revolution

Abstract—Wildists argue that the end goal of conservation should be disrupting industrial society beyond repair: only this will preserve nature and nature’s wildness to a degree that is both feasible and morally acceptable. This essay explains the idea of this anti-industrial reaction in more detail, focusing especially on various counter-arguments. Near the end, I provide an outline of the first tasks the revolutionary party should take, and explain how this is linked to the broader and explicit political goal of ending industry.

Please respond to Jacobi if you have viewpoints on his essay or want more info on wildism, or if you become convinced you are a wildernist yourself:

Here's the email from Jacobi:

Hello, everyone.
Emails on this list are frequent right now because we are getting a lot done while many of the students are on break. Here are some updates.
* “The Question of Revolution” from Hunter/Gatherer 1.3 is now available at This solidifies the broad intellectual foundations of wildism, and now our work will move to other things like specific intellectual problems, long-term strategy, other venues for wildist media, and getting the ideas on blogs and in other publications. Please email me to let me know what you think of this essay.
* We are moving forward with our plan to start a revolutionary conservationist party. Be on the lookout for the party charter document.
* A major part of our strategy for expanding the audience for Hunter/Gatherer is being highly visible on social media. Help us out with this by (1) liking and sharing, on your own page and in groups, this post sharing the above essay: (2) upvoting and commenting on this reddit post sharing the above essay: and also (you do not even need an email to create a reddit account)
* Please like our Facebook page at and invite your friends to like it as well.
* We are beginning to strongly encourage people’s own media projects. I am personally willing to aid any effort like this, and would be willing to produce popular pamphlets and literature explaining wildism if this will help your podcast, video blog, public magazine, etc. Email me if you have ideas.
* We have a subreddit (it’s like a forum) for any questions or comments you have about wildism. It is empty right now, so you’re highly encouraged to post. Check it out at
* I just spoke to Warren Hoge of the New York Times, the man who received the FC communiques during the FC campaign. Some of the information he provided will be featured in an upcoming essay, written by me, to be published in Dark Mountain. Check out the website at
* A few new members have joined and are joining the Institute. For now, welcome Rick Carp. You can email him for questions about the institute at r (dot) carp (at) wildism (dot) org.
* It's Not Just The Bees: 40% Of Food-Pollinating Wildlife Risks Extinction at
* #Riot: Self-Organized, Hyper-Networked Revolts—Coming to a City Near You at

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