Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lake Mjøsa in Autumn

Lake Mjøsa seen from Eiktunet, Gjøvik. A full resolution is to be downloaded here.

I shut this pic of Lake Mjøsa this afternoon, the autumn air is so clear. Eiktunet is a small folk museum of my town, still the view is great. Lake Mjøsa is the largest and second deepest lake of Norway, and the fourth deepest of Europe, with 489 meters depth. 

At Eiktunet is a small cafe which is open on Sundays, where you can buy waffles or "rømmegraut", an sour cream porridge which was something one just had for feasts in old days. Here you can get a quite good portion for just 65 N.Kr. I love it, my Philippine wife not so much. 

This place is just a ten minutes walk from my newly bought house, and I like to walk up here for the view.

In the foreground you can see Hovdetoppen, at left Helgøya and at right Skreifjella.

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